Indoor Learning Areas

The Baby Room

Located on the ground floor of the nursery, this room caters for children from birth up to 18 months / 2 years. We feel that when a child is a confident walker they need to be a little more challenged in their learning and development and this is when they will tend to move up to the toddler room. The baby room has the facilities to make and store all babies milk and food. The room is also organised so that the babies are able to select toys that they find appealing to them. These toys can then be rotated to allow a multitude of experiences to take place. 

The Toddler Room

Also being situated on the ground floor of the nursery, this room caters for the 18 month to 3year age range. The room offers toddlers the space in which to move around freely and have more independence in the toys that they play with and the activities that they wish to carry out. Having an area for messy play that also doubles up as the nursery dining area. The main bathroom in the nursery is located just off from the toddler room in which it has two children's toilets and toddler sinks as well. This bathroom also has nappy changing facilities. 

The Pre-school Room

This room is on the first floor of the nursery and offers the children aged 3 years+ the facilities to have more challenging play and learning. Looking to develop their knowledge and independence further. The pre-school room provides the children with chance to continue the learning that has developed through out the nursery. Within the room there are a number of areas, book corner for the quiet times, construction corner, small world table, role play, mark making area, the children also have free access to a computer and Ipads to encourage their ICT skills these are just a few of the activities that the children enjoy. 

Although we have the age guidelines for the rooms the children are encouraged to interact throughout the nursery as a whole. As a number of the children have siblings in the setting they enjoy spending time with each other throughout the day. The nursery is purpose built to offer children in our care a homely feel and a safe secure environment in which to grow, learn and develop.

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