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Here are just a few of the findings of the inspector at out last inspection dated 05/01/2015

 How well the early years provision meets the needs of the range of children who attend. "Good"

Overall the provision was classed as good-

Significant improvements have been made since the last inspection.

Management have enhanced safeguarding practice and staff have received additional training. This means they are very clear about their role in protecting children from harm. They clearly understand and implement the nursery's safeguarding policies, which fully promote children's safety and welfare.

Children make good progress. Staff are knowledgeable and understand how young children develop and grow. Consequently, they promote children's learning well.

Managers monitor children's progress closely. They frequently check staff's observations and assessments of children's learning to ensure that all children receive appropriate support. Therefore, no child falls behind.

Children form extremely close bonds to familiar staff. The key-person system is effectively established. Staff spend time getting to know children and their families from the outset. As a result, children are confident, happy and relaxed within the nursery.

Staff promote children's social and emotional skills particularly well in readiness for moving on to school. They teach children to respect each other and play well together. They also give older children responsibility and promote the use of excellent manners. Children demonstrate their enthusiasm and understanding as they say 'I love collecting the plates' and thank staff for their meals.

Staff are sensitive to children's individual care needs and ensure these are appropriately managed throughout the day.

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