Our parent's comments

"We chose the nursery for the traditional values where at a young age they are encouraged to play which enhances learning".

"I am very happy with the happy and secure environment for my child at Two oaks. I also think ***** makes good progress with letter recognition and counting. The woodland school  is a brilliant addition"

"You are all doing a great job - we can tell that our son is content, happy and active in the setting - he never wants to come home! We appreciate the good verbal feedback re mealtimes etc. The setting has an excellent 'homely and nurturing' atmosphere, where staff are genuinely interested in the welfare and development of individuals."

"Overall, we feel very fortunate to have found a nursery like Two Oaks for **** to attend. All the staff are friendly and the nursery is a real 'home from home' for **** and a place he has enjoyed and looks forward to going to ever since he started."

"I don’t feel so guilty about going back to work knowing the children are safe and in such a homely environment."

"The experience of Two Oaks has been excellent. Our son has developed socially immensely, been much more confident in social situations and with new people, also friends comment on his good manners'

"If you want a child who is well mannered, confident and well adjusted send him / her to Two Oaks Day Nursery."

"Our son has always been happy at Nursery and we know that this has been down to the relaxed and stimulating atmosphere that you have created. He has particularly thrived on all the outdoor activities and I look at friend’s children in other nurseries and appreciate how lucky we have been."

"Thank you for our lovely happy little boy."

"Two Oaks was our preferred choice due to the fantastic rural location and the very homely environment, I have noticed that all the children at Two Oaks are very confident, kind and well-behaved, which surely can't be a coincidence. I would recommend Two Oaks to anybody."


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