Parents are key

Parents are actively encouraged to take part in the monitoring of their child’s development; we rely on the parents’ input to be sure that the child’s best interests and being served.

We encourage parents to visit the nursery and to attend any special events that are held from time to time. The information that parents are able provide about their child's learning and interests at home enable the staff to be able provide activities that will stimulate and develop interest and a willingness to want to learn by utilising the interests each child has. 

Each child has a daily diary that the key person completes about what the children have been doing throughout the day, this includes activities, rest periods, what has been eaten (or not!), and any other key information that needs to be ensured that the parent will see. 

As we are a very close nursery we generally are able to have informal chats with each parent on a daily basis and this enables information to be passed between the staff and the parents very easily and continuously. 

There are also more formal methods of involving the parents in the learning that takes place in the nursery by offering activities to try out at home, newsletters to keep informed of what is happening in the coming month at the nursery.   

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